A banking and consumer finance investment management company

TBIF Financial Services is an Amsterdam-based investment management company. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been among the most active green field investors in the banking and consumer finance space in Central and Eastern Europe. In that time, TBIF has successfully established or acquired more than 40 enterprises in the region.

In 2002 TBIF founded TBI Credit in Bulgaria and later this same year broadened the company’s operations in the Romanian market. Over the years, following the establishment of TBI Invest, TBI Leasing, TBI Rent, and TBI Asset Management, TBIF has built one of the largest non-banking networks in Bulgaria.

In the ensuing years TBIF expanded further into new markets and the banking sector, investing in both banks and other financial companies in Russia and Ukraine. Additionally, an asset management company was established in Slovakia. In 2011 TBIF exited the businesses in Slovakia and Ukraine and in the following year Russia as well.

In 2012 NLB Slovenia’s Bulgarian branch – NLB Banka Sofia AD, was acquired. This was followed by the consolidation of TBIF’s business in Bulgaria and the establishment of TBI Bank. Mainly focused on consumer finance and business lending, TBI Bank has since been consistently among the most efficient and profitable banks in the country and serves more than 1.4 million satisfied customers.

In 2016 TBIF was acquired by the Luxembourg-based 4finance Holding, a global leader in digital consumer finance, operating in 15 markets on four continents. This has increased the speed and efficiency of the TBIF’s existing business and opened a new field of opportunities for growth in the digital environment.

TBI Bank currently operates in Bulgaria and Romania and has received passportisation approval in Germany, Sweden and Poland. TBI Bank also owns a minority share in the Norwegian digital bank BRAbank.

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